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We’ve shared a lot of information with you about how to increase conversions with quality sales copy.

But the one thing we haven’t covered is traffic - the other ESSENTIAL part of the profit equation.

And it would be unfair of us NOT to share how we’re using ScriptEngage to drive traffic.

The Best AND Biggest Source Of Free Online Traffic

We’ve shared a lot of information with you about how to increase conversions with quality sales copy.

But the one thing we haven’t covered is traffic - the other ESSENTIAL part of the profit equation.

And it would be unfair of us NOT to share how we’re using ScriptEngage to drive traffic.

The Cisco Visual Networking Index sees 4X growth in online video traffic by 2020 …

While video made up 68% of consumer internet traffic in 2015, that will rise to 82% in 2020

streamingmedia.com, June 2016

Facebook video posts average 135% HIGHER organic reach than image posts

After watching a video, 64% of users are MORE likely to BUY a product online

More Free Search Traffic… More Free
Social Traffic… More BUYERS

The stats and facts are in. Video just plain works …
and when you use it in your marketing, EVERYTHING gets better.

What Does A Copywriting Software Have
To Do With Video Traffic?

Great question!
Even though no one can deny the power of video for driving traffic, many marketers still aren’t using it. Why?

Making videos is a GIANT pain. Time consuming, technically frustrating, and can be VERY expensive if you outsource or use fancy software.

So we’ve solved that problem, once and for all. With a way to quickly & easily create unlimited videos - WITHOUT the need to outsource or invest in expensive tools.

Video Traffic Made Simple

There’s only 1 real rule with video marketing: the more, the better. That’s why top video marketers have multiple channels, dozens of playlists and thousands of videos.

And as your FB video posts get more reach, the social traffic snowball starts rolling. Facebook REWARDS your increased reach by showing ALL your posts to more of your audience.

Now you can take ANY sales script you create in ScriptEngage …
Export it into PRE-FORMATTED slides in PowerPoint …
Then effortlessly record videos for ANY message you want to share

Doing this manually can take hours. With ScriptEngage Advanced, it’s done FOR YOU with just a few clicks of your mouse.


Video Creation Has Never Been
Easier, Cheaper Or Faster!

  • No more paying editors to create your slideshow videos
  • Record your own voice, add background music or ship to an outsourcer if you want a professional voiceover
  • Upload your videos to Facebook, YouTube, your own sites and blogs
  • Rinse and repeat to create AS MANY VIDEOS as you want!

It’s SO simple with ScriptEngage Advanced:

  • Create your sales script inside the software as usual. Choose ANY format you’d like to create a video for.

  • Run it through the Advanced Editor – conveniently located right inside your dashboard. Select “slide breaks” where you want your content divided into pre-formatted slides.

  • Click “export” and your sales copy will be converted into a beautiful, pre-formatted PowerPoint presentation … ready for video recording. From there, simply record & upload to your networks and enjoy free traffic!

Free Traffic On Tap Doesn’t Get ANY Easier

Never be intimidated by video creation again. With ScriptEngage Advanced, 90% of the heavy lifting is done FOR you.

Soon you’ll be recording as many videos as you like and driving more views to every one of your offers.

All by simply RE-PURPOSING the content ScriptEngage already makes for you. This is a trick top content marketers have used for years … now it’s YOUR turn.

  • More videos on YouTube = more views, engagement and traffic
  • More videos on FB = higher organic reach for ALL your posts
  • More videos on your sites = more free search engine traffic
  • More quality, converting traffic from ALL sources

Exposing The LIES About Video Marketing

Unlike what some people say, you DON’T need Hollywood quality videos to drive traffic.
You DON’T need fancy players and special effects.

All you need is VOLUME. In fact, some of the simplest slideshow-style videos attract the most views over time.

Now you can get that volume by effortlessly creating as MANY videos as you wish. Without the fancy softwares, technical nightmares or outsourcing costs.

Even More Video Benefits:

Improved Branding & Authority - prospects see you as an authority when you share video content. It’s why they buy MORE OFTEN after watching video - because you appear as an expert, even if you’re never on camera

Higher ROI - video ads on both FB and YouTube cost MUCH less than traditional ads, and get both higher reach AND engagement. The best bang for your buck in paid advertising comes from video ads, and creating them has never been easier

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